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“Only I can change my life. No one can change it for me”.                                                                                                                Carol Bennet


What are Intensive In-Home Services?

Intensive In-Home Services are home-based mental health services that are designed to meet each child and family’s unique needs through crisis management, intensive case management, counseling, family therapy, and skills training. It is a time limited service, which aims to provide youth and their families with assistance diffusing current crises, improving coping skills, and strengthening relationships. The primary goal of the service is to prevent out-of-home placement or provide transition services from out-of-home placement back into the home. Intensive In-Home services are designed to provide assistance to parents with learning effective discipline techniques and parenting skills. Additionally, these services assist families in developing stronger relationships and communication skills. The purpose of the service is to help families solve problems within the context of their families rather than through placement outside of the home. Services are based on the belief that the family is the most powerful social institution and that families should be supported and maintained whenever possible. Intensive In-Home Services require complete family involvement and cooperation by all family members as well as the family’s dedication to the service for the most favorable outcome. Families must be willing to commit to the length and intensity of the service. The Intensive In-Home Service staff is available to families for crisis response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What Services are provided by Intensive In-Home Services?

  • Crisis Management

  • Individual and Family Counseling

  • Skills Training

  • Intensive Case Management

  • Substance Abuse Intervention

  • 4-Hour Crisis Response

What Can my Family Expect?

  • Services will be structured and provided primarily in the home with a focus on the family.

  • Typically, services will last 3-5 months. During the first month of services, at least 12 contacts will occur (usually 4-6 sessions per week). During the final months of the service, the intensity and amount of contacts will decrease to an average of 6 contacts per month.

  • IIHS sessions can last up to two hours.

  • Services will be delivered primarily by face to face contact with your family.

  • Your family will need to be committed to the service expectations.

  • You and the IIHS Team will coordinate Child and Family Team meetings as needed which will usually occur monthly or as needed to assess progress and plan.

  • We will constantly be assessing you and your child’s strengths, needs, preferences, etc. to assist us with providing the best possible treatment services.

  • You and your child will be asked to practice the skill-building strategies that the team will provide you with and to complete therapeutic homework assignments.

  • Participation in the service should include all people in your family’s life who are important to you and your child.