We love what we do!!

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Why Caring Hearts?

  •  CHC staff are professional with high ethical standards.

  • CHC staff are trained in mental health first aid, which is strongly recommended by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services of Virginia.

  • We conduct quarterly quality improvement meetings with our consumers so they can provide input on how to make our services more effective.

  • We donate to local community programs on a quarterly basis.

  • CHC is trained in various types of therapy including, but not limited to, family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and multi-systemic therapy.


Caring Hearts Counseling is a provider of Mental Health Skill Building, which incorporates the following training components of services:

  • Social Skills Development

  • Identity and Utilization of Natural Supports

  • Relapse Prevention and Disease Management Strategies

  • Linkage to Community Integration Activities that increase independence and individual growth

  • Teaching and Training of Activities of Daily Living Skills (i.e. finances, healthy meals, etc.)

  • Assistance with Medication Management (i.e. education on the side effects and tracking)

  • Psycho-education


We Can Help

If you or someone you know has been hospitalized for psychiatric treatment in the past and is covered by Medicaid, you or they may qualify for mental health skill building services.


Road to happiness is though the Heart

When caring for our clients, we follow our hearts!!

We start the healing from within.