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Program Assistant

Job Profile: The responsibilities of the ACTT Program Assistant include providing administrative support to the Assertive Community Treatment Team. This employee possesses the administrative skills and experience to coordinate schedules, process statistical reports, screen incoming calls, organize work materials, maintain medical records, schedule appointments, create billing invoices, check billing records, and provide support services to the Assertive Community Treatment Team.


Martinsville-Henry County

Job Description

•    Process billing invoices. Coordinate billing process in relation to receipt of revenue for program.
•    Process statistical reports for the program.
•    Maintain a database of consumers including information to track progress and changes in treatment response.
•    Complete monthly reports.
•    Provide appropriate information to callers.
•    Maintain all medical records and ensure compliance with standards for medical records.
•    Assume responsibility for maintaining, requesting, and obtaining all supplies for the program.
•    Assist and support Assertive Community Treatment Team staff in working with consumers.
•    Maintain and keep orderly and up-to-date files related to: committee minutes, actions, procedures, correspondence, personnel, payroll,                   program participants, finances, mailing lists, forms, etc.
•    Demonstrate knowledge of statutes, regulations and policies of governing areas.
•    Perform a variety of routine clerical duties including but not limited to filing, copying, faxing, sorting mail and posting, etc.
•    Ensure professional and courteous communications via telephone, fax, face-to-face, correspondence and any other method of                               communication used with all people served and agency stakeholders.
•    Serve as support and act as informational liaison to employees, related professionals, visitors, and people served reporting the key issues to       appropriate management staff. Link consumers with the Assertive Community Treatment Team staff.
•    Ensure efficient operation of office including but not limited to ensuring adequate supplies, maintenance of equipment, maintenance of email,       etc.
•    Prepare and process mail for incoming and outgoing correspondences.
•    Demonstrate knowledge of emergency procedures and assist in crisis situations.
•    Demonstrate knowledge of and comply with all agency policies and procedures.
•    Driving and traveling may be required.



  • High School Diploma or General Education Diploma

  • Working knowledge of the mental health delivery system, terminology, and general understanding of mental health issues.

  • Ability to operate standard office machines such as photocopiers, faxes, computers, and video/tele-conferencing equipment.

  • Ability to communicate effectively, professionally, and courteously.

  • Ability to type at least 50 wpm.

  • Ability to use discretion and judgmental when handling matters of a sensitive or confidential nature.

  • Advanced time management, problem solving, customer service, interpersonal, and conflict resolution skills.

  • Advanced collaboration and team working skills.

  • Ability to be forward thinking and take initiative to accomplish goals and objectives of the department.

  • Intermediate level experience with computers and Microsoft office products

  • Ability to analyze information, research issues, pay attention to detail, and meet deadlines.

  • Ability to format documents and use proper grammar, punctuation, and spell check.

  • Ability to conduct oneself in a trauma-informed manner.

  • This position will report to the ACT Team Lead for direction and supervision. 



  • Associate degree, training, or course work in secretarial studies

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